What can happen in a second

A breath.  A blink.  A birth.  A death.  Supreme happiness.  The world crashing down.  An accident.  The most important decision of a life.  A puff.  A drink.  A text.  Falling asleep.  The turn of a page.  Finishing the whole book.  The start of tumultuous applause.  The first tear rolling down a cheek.  A kiss on the hand.  The smile that starts a laugh.  The first step out the door.  The last twinkle of a star.  Anything can happen in a second.


Facebook status updates for the year 2017

A new year, a new me.  The start of another semester.  I got a new kitten, and I’m glad he gets along with my Pomeranians, we don’t need sibling rivalries.  Six more months until the wedding.  What a lovely spring day.  The rain makes it feel like I’m back in Scotland.  Woah-oh, you’ve got the best of my love.  Another summer in lovely San Antonio, and I still love it here.  We did it!!  Thank you to everyone who came to our little celebration of love and happiness.  Honeymoon time!!  There’s nothing like being a first-time home owner.  This is definitely a good year to put down in the books.  Cheers!

A houseplant is dying. Tell it why it needs to live.

No!!  My little bonsai tree!  You must live!  I’m sorry that I’ve failed you.  But, all is not yet lost.  I remember the day that you came into my life.  You were already three years old when I adopted you from the Christian Japanese lady who spoke very little English in a gas station parking lot across from my gym.  But, she knew how to tell me to take care of you, before handing you to me while making the Sign of the Cross.  I gave you more sun and fresh air than you needed for a few days before I realized your browning needles told me to keep you inside.  It’ll take longer to recover, but you’re slowly coming back.  Don’t give up on me yet.

She’s not a toy, she’s my friend.

Opal.  Memories come rushing back when I think of that name.  It was the name of my best friend who never left my side.  The one who kept me safe at night, the who went everywhere that I did, the one who watched TV with me when I was sick, the one who always held my hand.

She’s a little black and white stuffed tuxedo cat, who I fondly named after my October birthstone.  Mom was the one who bestowed her upon me, but I don’t think she knew that when she bought this little unassuming cat off of the shelf, that she was giving me a best friend.  I mean this with all sincerity, that little cat was, and is, priceless to me.

Opal went with me to sleepovers, even after my friends stopped bringing their own stuffed friends over.  She would stay in my bag close to me if nothing else, and never acted like she was hurt that I was keeping her hidden.  With no siblings, she was my sister, my confidante, my venting buddy, my sick counterpart, and my protector from all things scary at night.  She was with me when I learned how to read, and I’m pretty sure she learned to read then as well.

It’s only fitting that she sits on my bookshelf now, surrounded by all of the books that I own and love.  She’s never been packed away out of my reach, and though I don’t hold her as often as I used to, I still have her in a place where she’ll be visible in my everyday life.  And with her sitting among the things that I love the most, she’s in the best and most revered place that she could be.  I love you Opal.  Thank you for being a lifelong best friend.  Your tattered pink bow is a testament to everywhere you went with me and everything that we’ve done together.

The worst Thanksgiving dish you ever had

Turducken.  The name itself is mind-boggling, and that’s just the word.  Who in their right mind thought a turkey stuffed with a duck stuffed with a chicken was a good idea?  I bet the first man who thought of it (and you know that this sounds like a man’s bright idea), was in a drunken haze when this light bulb clicked on above his head.  “It’ll be a new delicacy!” he exclaimed.  “A novel idea that will revolutionize the Thanksgiving holiday.  It’ll never be the same again!”  Well, he was right.


Just as the title and the and sub-heading of this blog proclaim, this is a blog for random stories from random topics.  I’m using writing prompts found in different books and sources to expand my writing skills and get more comfortable with putting my words out there.  Don’t expect many life-changing verses, but I hope that there’s an entertainment value in this, even if it’s just for me.  With that said, Tally-ho!!